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Whether it be rebranding, video production, video content, motion graphics, web development, social media, or more, we will work with you to make sure your needs are fully met.

Isaac Tintó


Born on a rainy summer day in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, Catalonia, Isaac graduated with academic honors in the United States and frolicked a while in the corporate world of Barcelona, where he produced new media content for the Worldwide Motorcycle World Championship.

When Isaac moved Los Angeles, he opened his own creative shop, Tintomedia. For over five years, he’s been a jack-of-all-trades: finding clients, pitching ideas and leading the ideation process for branding and creative campaigns. From song creation to interactive interfaces, Isaac utilizes whatever media is required. Mastery in both anticipating clients’ needs and understanding how to excite them about a project has become crucial in the deployment of his creative campaigns. You will most often find him brainstorming or sharing stories about his beloved Catalan culture. Look for Tintomedia’s newest branch opening in the City of Roses: Portland, Oregon.

A relentlessly curious sponge, Isaac rejoices in absorbing cultural and social knowledge, from art and music, to film and literature.

He is a passionate Catalan culture peaceful warrior. In his free time, Isaac lends his expertise to non profit organizations, providing media and branding resources.

Jesse James Rice

Copy Writer

A rugged wordsmith/piano man hailing from the beautiful green trees of Washington State, Jesse lends his talents as Tintomedia’s cardinal copywriter. His motto, “Let’s make something great” is not a statement taken lightly. A prolific writer, Jesse also composes music, poetry, and outdated Feghoot humor, performing when the time and spirit permits. Also an avid reader, lately Jesse has been reading a book about anti-gravity that’s impossible to put down. Current projects include ideation of new characters for licensing, marketing campaings, and his first feature film. The quickest way to Jesse’s heart is a tub of Trader Joes Coffee Blast ice cream, eight million dollars, and a promise to never sing “Let it Go”.

Favorite quote: “What is a weekend?”
Favorite philosopher: Joseph Campbell.
Favorite living TLC memeber: T-Boz.
If you dare, read Jesse’s twitticisms here.

David Espinosa

Senior Designer

David Espinosa is an expert designer in Branding  with more than 12 years of experience designing logos, corporate visual identity, packaging, illustration and web design. He is been selected by his work in may different venues, from Behance, Branding Served, Typography Served, Toy Served, Abduzeedo among others.
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